Fieldhouse Station: Even More Condos!

Audrey Highton

The Hornblower

This is another large nearby condominium project in the planning stages, with retail and offices planned for its first two floors. It would replace the building on the South corner of Regent and Monroe Street that has recently housed Urban Pizza, a Badger paraphernalia shop, and The Grid. Mickie’s Dairy Bar building and shops to the south would remain. It is located in the Vilas Neighborhood, but adjacent to DMNA and Regent, so all three neighborhoods have been involved in the discussions.

Plans have altered stemming from city commission and community reaction over the last couple of years, so now 24 (down from 68) mostly one-bedroom residential condominiums are planned, with underground parking for residents, offices, and retail customers to be accessed from the alley behind the stores. Stepbacks would improve the transition with the present low buildings next door, and make it seem less massive.

Neighborhood concerns have centered around scale, a possible bar and planned outdoor eating areas, noise (according to architect/owner Bob Sieger, it is being marketed for young professionals) and traffic patterns, as the parking (138 stalls) will all enter and exit at the alley behind the building adjacent to the busy Monroe-Regent intersection. The city plans to revamp the Monroe-Regent intersection in ways as yet unknown, if this project comes to fruition.

At press time the area alders are in the process of scheduling another meeting where the developer will present his revised plans for the project. The project is likely to go to the city’s commissions and City Council after the public meeting. For more information, contact Audrey Highton,

This story originally appeared in the Summer 2007 issue of The Hornblower, a publication of the Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association.