National Day of Unplugging provides opportunity to reboot

If you have been looking for a way to tear your eyes away from the screens that dominate your life -- i.e. computers, phones, and tablets -- consider this Friday as a pre-packaged opportunity. From sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday, the nonprofit Reboot is encouraging people all over the country and world to take part in a National Day of Unplugging

Madison Magazine listed National Day of Unplugging as one of the publication's top picks for March 2013. 

Madison Magazine Managing Editor Katie Vaughn first read about this effort to minimalize electronics use for a day in Sunset Magazine and said she plans to take part.

"Technology is such an interesting part of our lives," Vaughn said. "The amount of time we spend using technology increases every year."

The National Day of Unplugging gives people a time to take a break, Vaughn said, and ask themselves if their current level of technology use feels like too much.

"I use it to fill up so many pauses," she said. "When I'm waiting in line, I whip out my phone. Sometimes I wonder what I am missing when I do that."

In order to take part in the official powerdown, participants sign a pledge to turn off screens for 24 hours. You can also download a kit of materials for participating, which includes suggestions on what to do while unplugged and signs that declare: "I unplug to _____," which particpants can fill in and share.

If you plan to unplug, on the national day or in the near future, fill out this sign and email a photo to Madison Commons. We'll post your reasons for unplugging on twitter.