Madison Media Digest

If you only read one local news story this week, it should be this piece about potential issues with affordable housing developments in Madison. 


Madison schools saw a recent spike in out-of-school suspensions. The Madison School District expects to take advantage of a new federal rule that relaxes nutrition guidelines for school lunches. An art outreach program gives local third graders a chance to indulge and grow their creativity. Principal Mike Hernandez hopes to make East High School a place where children and their families can easily access resources and support services. 

City Government

Mayor Soglin plans to generate “public pressure” in hopes of restructuring the City Council. The city wants to create a committee to help determine how the former Oscar Meyer plant and its land can be used. Mayor Soglin wants to put together a rapid response team to deal with increasing gun violence. The CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County took issue with this response. Soglin also urges witness cooperation in the wake of unprecedented gun violence. In a nearly unanimous vote, the City Council decided to adopt 13 police policy recommendations, despite Chief Koval’s reservations. MarketReady program will offer help for underrepresented folks who want to be part of the Madison Public Market. After an initial denial, the City Council approved funding for a parking garage on the near east side.


MG&E’s new CEO pledged to keep working towards clean energy. Black Women’s Leadership Conference emphasized the importance of collaboration and friendship. The Madison Muslim community will host an event that aims to help people learn about Islam and common misconceptions about it. The Madison Children’s Museum is offering free memberships to new, first time parents. Only three of Madison’s six proposed affordable housing projects received state funding. After 41 years, the owners of Ella’s Deli are looking to sell and retire. Weed cutting in Vilas Park lagoon is on hold thanks to a number of citizens who are concerned about the frogs. Plans for the redevelopment of the John Nolen corridor include a massive green space.