Madison Media Digest

If you only read one local news story this week, it should be this one about working towards eliminating food waste in Madison. 

Schools and education

Eighty-four percent of students arrested in Madison’s high schools are Black. Middle school girl’s conference emphasized health and self-love. Local senior plans a college access festival for high school students. 

Business and development

Park Street mixed-use development plans on building higher. Plan commission will have to resolve density vs size issue for new apartments. Local brewpub hopes to open a taphouse on East Washington. A mixed-use development near the West Town Mall has been put on hold until it becomes financially feasible. Plan commission rejects HotelRED’s expansion proposal. The Oscar Meyer plant will not complete its shutdown until sometime this summer. A north side property that’s been vacant for nearly 15 years might become home to a new Goodwill store. 


A popular bus stop on University Avenue won’t be getting a sheltered terminal anytime soon. Geek Craft Expo drew a large crowd of fans. Mayor and city council members offer solutions for how to best utilize the space at the top of State St. City Council approved tax agreement with Airbnb. City Council members propose legalizing and regulating usage of sandwich board signs.