July Backyard Heroes

Community Shares, a partner of Madison Commons, recognizes two volunteers each month. The volunteers come from Community Shares' member groups and are selected for their service to the community and to community issues.

Furman Avery, Grassroots Empowerment Project

Furman Avery (Community Shares)Furman Avery (Community Shares)Furman Avery has served as the Board President of Grassroots Empowerment Project (GEP) since 2012 and is deeply dedicated to the mission of GEP to create peer-run opportunities for people seeking mental health, recovery, and wellness. In fact he’s so dedicated that he became a certified peer support specialist and now serves as House Manager for local peer-run respite program.



For more information about Grassroots Empowerment Project or to volunteer, visit http://grassrootspower.org/ or call 800-770-0588.


Annette Jackson, Common Wealth

Annette Jackson (Community Shares)Annette Jackson (Community Shares)Annette Jackson moved to Madison from Chicago with her three daughters due to high crime and violence. Now she volunteers with Common Wealth’s Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Project to leave a lasting legacy for her daughters and other kids in Madison. As a member of project’s steering committee she works to address public safety issues in Southwest Madison’s neighborhoods.




For more information about CommonWealth or to volunteer, visit http://www.cwd.org/ or call 608-256-3527.