Madison School Board election: Media roundup

UPDATE: On Tuesday, April 9, Wayne Strong conceded the final school board race to Dean Loumos. 

UPDATE: TJ Mertz won the race for seat 5 and incumbent James Howard won the race for seat 4. The seat 3 race between Dean Loumos and Wayne Strong was too close to call.

As the school board races for the three Madison Metropolitan School District seats draw to a close, the candidates have become increasingly present in the city’s press.

Tuesday, April 2 marks the date of the general election, in which two contested seats and one recently uncontested seat will be filled.

Dean Loumos and Wayne Strong are competing to fill seat 3. Greg Packnett is challenging current School Board President James Howard for seat 4. T.J. Mertz is the sole contender for seat 5, though Sarah Manski, who dropped out of the race after finishing first in the February primary, will appear on the ballot.

The candidates have been answering questions from why they decided to run to their thoughts on high-profile issues like the achievement gap and budget cuts. Here is a roundup of some of the top stories from around Madison, including some of the candidates’ own articles arguing for Madisonians’ votes.

Race coverage combined

Seat 3: Wayne Strong v. Dean Loumos

 Seat 4: James Howard v. Greg Packnett

Seat 5: T.J. Mertz

The race for seat 5 created a significant stir after Sarah Manski, who won the most votes in the February primary election, dropped out of the race soon after winning. In doing so, she effectively excluded Ananda Mirilli from the general election ballot. Mirilli decided not to launch a write-in campaign, leaving T.J. Mertz as the sole candidate for the seat.

Polling hours extend from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, April 2. Click here to find your polling place in Madison.